Sales Terms

  1. It will be called “THE COMPANY” –TEXTILES LEON, S.A. DE C.V. and “BUYER” the CUSTOMER.
  2. For any cancellation in traded goods or in manufactured ones, will be verified according to the progress of the order.
  3. Orders placed by THE BUYER are subject to review by THE COMPANY in all of the conditions mentioned in this document.
  4. Because of manufacturing processes, any order received is subject to variation footage of 10% plus-less, which THE BUYER agrees to receive.
  5. THE COMPANY may at any time, modify their price lists, without prior notice.
  6. All the payments done in each order must be done to THE COMPANY by deposit or bank transference to the company account.
  7. For any order payed by cash by THE BUYER, it is required to pay 50% in advance and 50 % upon delivery.  Note: For exports please see special notes.
  8. THE COMPANY may do partial deliveries to complete the entire commitment order date, provided that the buyer agrees previously this condition.
  9. THE COMPANY will inform, based on its production capacity, delivery dates.
  10. The complaints or claims by THE BUYER, should be advised to the company within 10 days of receipt of the goods.
  11. THE COMPANY will protect and respect intellectual property of the brands with prior notification. For exclusivity it will be requested a letter of accredited brand property.
  12. Once the PO is placed, THE BUYER has to respect the conditions outlined above in products ordered to THE COMPANY. Same information is on our website and in the e- mails of our sales representatives at the following link: http: // venta.


  • THE COMPANY will not accept payment by check in USD$.
  • For payments by Pay Pal, THE BUYER will pay the commission in every transaction. For amounts less than USD$550.00, the CUSTOMER will pay a surcharge of USD$ 30.00 of handling.
  • For bank transferences, if the total amount of the order is less than USD$550.00, THE BUYER will pay a surcharge of USD$55.00 for the transference commission and handling.
  • THE COMPANY will request for payment in advance of the 100% of the order, in the case of overproduction or underproduction THE COMPANY will advise to the CUSTOMER to make an agreement about the payments.