At TEXTILES LEÓN, we constantly strive to offer our customers products of the highest quality that can compete in both domestic and international markets. It is for this reason that we are thoroughly committed to ensuring our staff are kept up to date in their training and that they work with state-of-the-art equipment.

Our success and reputation are built on more than 60 years’ experience, which, thanks to you and our trading partners, have taught us the importance of having the latest technology at all times, so as to be able to meet the ever-changing demands of our customers around the world, and to offer them the kinds of products and services they require.

Our value chain is of vital importance to us, which is why we are happy to offer you the warmest of welcomes to our website, where you will discover the essence of TEXTILES LEÓN and which will provide a channel to make it easier for you to get in touch and for us to work together. Your feedback is invaluable to us given that it enables us to improve and provide you with a better service day by day.



Thanks to our standards of excellence, superior quality, and our level of commitment and involvement, we were awarded the ISO 9001 standard certification. By providing our staff with continuous training and implementing world-class and state-of-the-art design we are able to guarantee our customers exactly what they ask for, while providing the perfect combination of design and quality.


Textiles León is a world-class company, one that is committed to providing the right solution for each and every need of our customers around the world, along with the optimal level of research, development, service and advice, creating a synergy that allows us to grow together in everything we do.


To be a company recognized worldwide, offering avant-garde products and possessing a high capacity to respond to market needs.


  • Employees
  • Suppliers
  • Clients
  • Our Competitors
  • Directors
  • The Environment
  • Family
  • Quality
  • Our Youthful Spirit
  • Active participation in political, economic, and social spheres
  • Innovation



The design, manufacture, and marketing of elasticS, webbing, woven and printed labels, and materials and consumables for the footwear industry.


At Textiles León, we are committed to providing high-value products and service, and to fully satisfying and meeting the needs and requirements of our customers, while minimizing risks through continuous improvement in all aspects of our quality management system.


At Textiles León, we show our commitment to the environment through actions aimed at preventing pollution in our activities and processes, and by continuously improving how we manage it, as well as complying not only with all applicable environmental legislation, but also a series of self-imposed requirements, which helps us to:

  • Promote a culture of water conservation.
  • Minimize paper consumption and encourage forest conservation.
  • Minimize waste generation and optimize waste control.
  • Promote good energy consumption practices.